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Personalized Health Risk Management

Concept of Personalized Health Risk Management

In order to gain excellent return on investment, you need to understand Personalized Investment Risk Management. In order to gain the best health level, you need to understand Personalized Health Risk Management.


Social development, economic development, urbanization, together with the increase in population and its density, brought us problems including air, water, soil, and food contamination, as well as heavy metals, para- sites and additives overuse in foods. In addition, bad lifestyle, emotions and stress issues also pose harm on people’s health, causing numerous diseases.


Although traditional Western medicine can relieve problems on horizontal diseases (i.e. infections, acute inflammations), it is only palliative. In the meanwhile, it leads to an increased number of vertical (degenerative) diseases and long-term illnesses, and people are starting to suffer at a younger age. This does not only affect personal health and quality of life, but also increase socioeconomic burden. These are all urgent issues, and the right solution is needed as soon as possible.


In order for the society to be developed sustainably, the resources of the country, family and ourselves should all be well managed and utilized, as well as to face our daily challenges with professional knowledge flexible adaptation, so as to enjoy a better quality of life. Of course, there is no exception for our own health we must apply Personalized Health Risk Management, because prevention is as important as curing.

As the old saying goes, “to obtain good health, it is best to treat the disease early before i tokes a hold”, and more importantly, “prevention is better than cure”


Personalized Health Risk Management uses a comprehensive risk assessment to find out the personal  innate characteristics and actual body functional status. Our professional team then provides report explanation and health consultation, and customize a personalized holistic solution according to client personal situation. Lastly, health knowledge and the concept of Green Your Body are promoted, All together, these aim to achieve the health management policy of “addressing the symptoms as well as the root causes”, helping and protecting the health of oneself and family.

Characteristics and Risk Assessment

Precise DNA testing is used to find out innate characteristics. Also, the root causes of body functional health problems are identified with advanced technology and devices.

Professional Explanation and Support

Report explanation, personalized health consultations and follow-ups are provided by professional functional medicine team.

Personalized Holistic Solution

Personalized holistic solution is customized according to personal innate characteristics and actual body functional status.


Functional medicine includes the latest in genetics, systems biology, and the idea of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of disease. It is a medical practice that is more suitable for the needs and challenges of individuals in the 21st century because it explains the underlying causes of the disease, through understanding many factors of personal health, including personal medical history, genetics, lifestyle, environmental and psychological and emotional factors. Etc. Reuse best practices from around the world, including diet and lifestyle changes, stress management, interpretation, functional nutrition, supplements, phytonutrients, etc., based on personalized DNA health testing, combined with non-invasive comprehensive health risks Evaluate and understand the weaknesses of cells and all body systems, and use personalized functional nutrition to support the balance and natural healing of the body system.

Risks and Health Knowledge

Understand more on functional medicine, individual disease risks, and Green Your Body concept through various health talks, so as to maintain optimal health by addressing the root causes of health problems.

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