HRA-ASIA | HRA101 Assessment Experience
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HRA101 Assessment Experience

陳宛沁 Jessica Chan

I have gone through different kinds of body check ups before. When HRA Centre was established, tried to use CHRA and RES service which is above my expectation. Actually my right leg got hurt in an accident like more than 10 years ago, so I always feel a pain in my leg. However, I didn’t pay much attention to it. But after I took CHRA service, it turns out that the cartilage of my right leg is degenerating. I have to take care of it now. In addition, I think this assessment is amazing because it can test your nails, hair, parasites and even heavy metal! As I am an interior designer, I need to visit construction sites and there is heavy metal accumulating in my body that I didn’t know of. However, after the nutritionist in HRA Centre offered me a holistic solution, which includes teaching me how to “Green Your Body”, using PNO products to remove heavy metal and taking Functional Food Concentrates (FFC), I feel much healthier now. Accordingly, I have recommended a few of my friends to do this health risk assessment and they all feel the benefits!


周金偉 Chow Kam Wai

I have never done any health check before and I do not go regularly for any health check-up. That is because I feel good about my health and I rarely get any symptom from illnesses. After experiencing the Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment (CHRA), I found out that the soreness and pain or my shoulder area is actually caused by Osteoporosis, not just from fatigue. Moreover, CHRA helped finding out other health problems that I had never noticed before. Nutritionist told me the risk of having other illnesses so that I am aware of the risk factors in order to prevent the onset of the health problem. I think the CHRA is a machine with very advanced technology. In my opinion, I think its accuracy gets up to 80 % . In addition wit detailed explanation by the nutritionist, I think the overall service is very professional. My feeling towards the CHRA has changed so much after use of it. Before the assessment, I have never thought of it to be as convenient and accurate the ate instead I would now describe this assessment as “magical”.


杜志鴻 Alex Doo

My dad is 83 years old, one and a half year ago; he visited the hospital due to pain on his leg. Luckily, his leg was not a big problem, but to our surprise, the doctor found out that his blood platelet level is very low. Knowing that the normal level is about 100 – 160, his level of 40 worries me very much; and the result of low blood platelet level can lead to internal bleeding or death! At first, doctor advised my Dad to do a bone marrow test, from which did not find any abnormality, so the doctor suggested my Dad to have injection to improve his platelet level. The treatment needs to be continuously taken once a week, and his blood platelet level was gradually increasing. However, the cost of the injection treatment ($20,000 each month) was very high. For a lower price option, my dad switched to take medicine that costs about $16,000, but his level of the platelet started to drop again. To keep his platelet level under control, my Dad needed to increase the medicine amounts. Until taking the medication for about half a year, I brought my dad to see Dr. Jawid at the HRA Centre for a CHRA. Not only did we found out that his spine got infected (which did not get diagnosed in previous health check-up done in the hospital); we also found out he had accumulated high amount of heavy metals and parasites in his body. Dr. Khan then suggested my Dad to take Clear Parasite and Clear HMTL for about a year. Meanwhile, my dad keeps checking his platelet level at the hospital; after half a year of taking the nutrition supplement, the doctor was so amazed that his platelet level has increased back to over 100. One of the obvious improvements was that his gum bleeding problem was gone; he can lower the medicine amount as well. I was so impressed with the CHRA technology, this advanced technology is very economical a yet accurate in finding the root causes of the health problems.


陳銀鵬 Penny Chen

I am a mother of three children. After my 3rd child has born, which was a year ago, I started to feel pain at my joints and it was swollen for no reasons. It was  starting to get on my nerves as I always have to lay down in bed for rest and it was swollen to a point that I could not even wear my shoes. I felt devastated as it was affecting my daily life and my care to all of my children, therefore, I went off to search for medical help and hoping that could cure my situations.

My previous visits to search for medical support in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, diagnosed me with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus erythematosus. Not just it will be a long curing time and the treatment may not give a positive healing results, I also understand that medicines may create a lot of side effects, so I don’t want to take it. The healing result from Traditional Chinese Medicine were not obvious and Chinese Acupuncture treatment could only resolved my situation for a short period of time too. Not just hopeless, but l also felt loss without a proper solution.

In May 2017, a friend of mine introduced me to Judy and she encourages me to visit HRA Centre for assessment services. Finally, the root causes of my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus erythematosus were found, they were due to various parasites and heavy metals that have been accumulated in all different parts of my body, even in the brain stem!! Since lost my working ability and the expenses to take care of my 3 children, I can only take FFC detox set and Longevity Stick as Rickey, my NL consultant friend 90 % of the joint pain, as well as the swelling in 3 month’s time!

Retrieved in my health not only helps me in gaining more faith in life but to rebuild my career as well as to take care my kids. I do very appreciate for all the services of the Centre’s, the nutritionists team, NL consultant and my friends as this is truly amazing!


鄧素媚Amy Tang

Assessment Experience In February 2015, my friend introduced me to it Health Risk Assessment Centre and used the services of Cardiovascular Risk Assessment, Precision Body HE Composition Assessment, Basic Assessment and Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) Before using these services, I was feeling awful; my doctor told me that my blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure were high and diagnosed me wit arrhythmia. I can feel that my body was under a lot of pressure as if it is about to exceed its limit. I was getting out of breath when even walking stairs, and my heart was bumping irregularly fast. Doctor advised me that I have a risk of having sudden death but yet there was no solution to help Until I used the services at the HRA centre, I found that CHRA is very different from other mainstream health assessments; CHRA is able to pinpoint what exactly is affecting my body, such as heavy metals and parasites. Dr. Jawid was able to tell me what specific nutrients I was lacking. I think that what sets CHRA apart from other health assessments is that, CHRA can help find the root causes of my health problems, and give me a personalized holistic solution. Also, I have been coming to meet nutritionist every n month to use Rejuvenative Energy Support (RES) l service to help follow-up my improvement process. Now that, my health status has been getting better, a was advised to come only once a month instead of every two weeks. Following the recommendation advised by Dr. Jawid and nutritionist to “Green Your Body”, I feel that my health is gradually improving My blood sugar level now is under control, I can go hiking without feeling short of breath and racing heartbeat! It was not easy when I first committed to adopt a healthy eating and living style; I felt overwhelm to take many nutrition supplements regularly However, for my own goods, I finally can overcome all difficulties and struggles to restore my health!


曾昭杉  Tsang Chiu Pun

For a period of time, I always felt exhausted, despite an appointment to see Dr. Jawid and used the there were lots of heavy metals and parasites supplements. In April 2015, I came back for E the fact that I exercise regularly. Therefore, I made assessment services at the Health Risk Assessment Centre in January 2014. Since CHRA found out accumulated in many organs, such as pancreas, I started to follow health advices and to take nutrition h follow-up health assessment with the HRA senior nutritionist, I was glad to know that almost all heavy n metals had been removed from my bones. CHRA can let me further understand my health condition in adjusting my living and eating habits, my health has details. By following nutritionist’s suggestion on been progressively improved! I feel more energetic now, skin allergy problem is getting better and meanwhile, I was able to lose 10 lbs of excess body fat in half year!

After using CHRA, I started to visit HRA centre every two weeks for the Rejuvenative Energy Support (RES) service, which can help me keep track of my health status over the time of my visit. In May 2015, I got a bug bite on my forehead. When I went to the doctor was given a cream to smoothen the swelling and a redness on my wound. When I come back for a RES again, I was told that my white blood cells level increased abnormally; after a detailed check up nutritionist found out that I have a high risk of getting Lyme disease which is an infection caused by bug bite. Nutritionist advised me that this disease cannot be overlooked, since it can cause serious health problem if left untreated. Luckily, my white blood cells level got under control in five months after increasing doses of nutrition supplement on advised. Little did I know that a little bug bite pose a harm on my health. I am so having to come for RES can help me to figure and recover my health risk before it is too late HRA Centre’s nutritionists are very professional giving us health advices on “Green Your Body” will continue to improve and maintain my health because, to have a good quality of life, is to have a healthy body.


黃燕筠Iana Wong

I was suffering from intermittent neuralgia in my lower right jaw position after I caught a cold last summer. I consulted family doctor, dentist, brain surgeons, orthopedics, Chinese doctors and tried acupuncture, physiotherapy, yoga as well as pilates. However, the root cause was not treated and I felt very depressed. After having the MRI check, among three brain specialists, two determined the symptom to be trigeminal neuralgia and suggested me to have a surgery to stop the pain.

I then had the CHRA test through the recommendation from a friend. The result showed that the pain was actually the reflection of the heavy metals found in the spine and the shoulder position. When calcium in bone were lost in the spine, heavy metal was replaced therefore the nervous system would be affected.

The Nutritionist suggested me to take PNO products and Functional Food Concentrates (FFC) to tackle the problem. My pain was then totally gone in six months.

I eagerly recommend my friends to try CHRA service, as I hope they can have their medical problems solved and regain their health.


曾美玲Tsang Mei Ling

The reason I came to do the assessment is because I suspected I may have unknown health problems, as I felt energetic with only two hours of sleep every night and could even dance for 45 minutes without rest, the reason might be I have taken FFC’s EFA, GreenDetox and Pycnophy for over two decades for health maintaining purposes. However, I needed half an hour of sleep right after lunch every day.

After I experienced the HRA 101 service, I have discovered some health problems that I never knew, and they are even related to my diet. After three months of RES, as well as taking the products from P01 package, it really makes a difference in me. Especially suggestions by the nutritionist, letting me understand more about my own specific eating and living habit.

Besides, I think DNA health test is pretty good because you are able to know what your inborn problem is, providing the effective ways of preventing some diseases which may occurred and ways to look younger. Obviously, I am glad that I am getting more energetic, since I was always sleepy once I took carbs and alcohol. But now better, I can feel that my blood is much healthier than before, because my skin looks finer, my hair grows denser and overall I look younger.


王世匡 Danny Wong

I visit public hospital for health check up regularly. Apart from the contemporary western medical treatment I have never tried any other medical related service to try to solve my health problem. CHRA helps me with finding out my health risk factors. I used to do health check-ups that required the use of radioactive substances. It made me feel nausea by drinking them. Apart from that, it was so painful getting an injection to my veins. It was a very scary experience. And patients are required to accept all the side-effects that caused by the medical check-ups. It was very inconvenient and difficult to fullfil the requirement by the doctors in order to undergo the health checks. In contrast, I only need to sit comfortably for the CHRA. There was no fear involved in the assessment. Also, the nutritionists are really nice and kind. I rate the assessment 75 points, and overall professionalism with 70 points. Before doing the CHRA, I would describe my feeling towards this technology as ‘doubtful’. I never would think this sort of technology would actually exist. I decided to give it a try out of curiosity. After the assessment, I found out the key to my health problem. Luckily that it had been discovered at n early stage. Since the assessment, it makes me less worry about my own health. Especially after the establishment of HRA Centre, with the great services, nice environment and the perfect set up of the centre, I am now more willing to invite my friends to experience the services at HRA Centre.


李賢哲Lee Yin Chit

I am Alex Lee, I would like to share the experience of my son after using Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment (CHRA). My son used to sneeze and get running nose very often. The above nasal problem leads to his poor sleeping quality. My son has never done any other health check-up because he is only 5 years old. After every consultation with doctors 5 they just prescribed some anti-inflammatory drugs to my son. During the use of the medication, indeed it relieved the condition. However, once he stops using the medication the sneeze and runny nose will emerge again. After using CHRA, nutritionist helped my son find out the root cause of the nasal problem. I think CHRA can accurately assess the problems of the organs and cells and find out the root cause of the problem accordingly. The services of HRA Centre allow my son to undergo a comprehensive health risk assessment without any invasive health check-up procedures. This can reduce all the harmful effects that may caused by the contemporary health checks. All he needed to do was just sitting there with a headphone on and staying relax for about 2 hours. Moreover, the CHRA can assess a wide aspect of items, such as nasal cells, hormone, chromosomes, DNA and stem cells etc. CHRA is a very comprehensive analyzer that can accurately assess the problems of the organs an cells. I would definitely recommend this assessment to my relatives and friends.