HRA-ASIA | Our Mission
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Our Mission

Mrs Harina Khan (CEO of HRA Centre) 

Words from CEO

I believe everyone agrees on “health is priceless”! To achieve a better health status, we all must do well in PHRM “Personal Health Risk Management”. For this reason, our HRA Health Risk Assessment Centre has been actively promoting and educating the public on the concept of “Personal Health Risk Management” for many years. Our professional team, including nutrition expert and nutritionists, by conducting comprehensive health risk assessments through a number of leading assessment machines, are helping clients to identify personal innate characteristics and actual body functional status. With the spirit of loving and caring, we have created an unique personalized “holistic solution” for our clients, to eventually achieve the status of health management of “addressing the symptoms as well as the root causes” , and safeguarding the health of ourselves and our families. In the past seven years, amost nearly l O thousand clients have been able to enhance and improve their health through a full range of services provided by the HRA centre. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the concept of “non-traumatic, non-invasive, no radiocontrast agent and no side effects”, so that our clients can truly achieve the saying “prevention is better than cure”.