HRA-ASIA | Our Mission
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Our Mission

Mrs Harina Khan (CEO of HRA Centre) 

Words from CEO

With over 2 decades of functional nutrition education background, we had had little luck hunting down the kind of health-assessing equipments that is compatible with our health concept. Until not long ago, we had finally gotten our hands on some high-technology health-assessing equipment, which not only go perfectly well with our health concept, but also are non-invasive, non-traumatic, non-radioactive, and do not come with the side effects.


After being tested out by hundreds of customers, all our health-assessing equipments have received positive and the highest evaluation .Health Risk Assessment Centre was them officially opened to all in Nov, 2014 to provide a range of comprehensive health assessment, through which customers are able to have a deeper understanding of their own body and at the same time locate the root cause of their health problems.


Though the tailor-made, holistic solution plan offered with loving care by our professional team of nutrition experts and recognized nutritionists, all our customers are able to experience significant health improvements. – This is not something that typical body checks are able to accomplish!