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Our Service

Health and Risk Assessment Services(8 services in total)

We want to provide our customers with the best possible assessment of their health risk factors. In pursuit of this goal we continue to keep up with the latest advances in technology using high-tech equipment to help in our analysis process. You can have peace of mind knowing that all our equipment is harmless, non-invasive and is not radioactive. Through this service, customers can better understand their internal health conditions and how their problems can be effectively rectified.

CRA Cardiovascular Risk Assessment


Utilizes the pulse signal gathered from the fingertip to detect the items in the below in order to predict the cardiovascular health:

  • Degree of balance of the autonomic nervous system
  • Body pressure index, mental stress index, stress resistance
  • Average heart rate, heart stability, heart rate
  • Degree of vascular aging, blood circulation
  • Early prediction of arteriosclerosis and its degree of evolution
  • Overall assessment and improvement recommendations


CRA – Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

BCA Precision Body Composition Assessment


BCA-Precision Body Composition Assessment can evaluate a number of precise index for you:

  • Body composition and fat analysis
  • Visceral fat area
  • Waist-to-hip ratio and height and weight index (BMI)
  • Edema index – such as body water and body fluid balance
  • Skeletal muscle weight
  • Normal range
  • Basal metabolic rate


BCA – Precision Body Composition Assessment

hracentre-Advanced Techonology-07

3. CHRA Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment


Comprehensive Health Risk Analyzer through scanning the human body organs and cells with the use of radio wave sensor to transmit signals between the brain and the body. It can be used to detect the client’s current health condition, previous health problems and potential health risks. The CHRA is a non-traumatic and non-invasive assessment. With the use of Bio-Resonance, we can perform in-depth analysis of the nine biological systems within your body.


CHRA – Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment       CHRA Cert


4. RES Rejuvenative Energy Support


Rejuvenative Energy Support works in support of the Comprehensive Health Risk Analyzer. It delivers a positive frequency which neutralizes negative energy in cells. This helps to adjust the condition of cell abnormality and balances the current health condition. This technology is a simple and effective way to activate cells improving the self-recovery ability of the human body.


RES – Rejuvenative Energy Support

hracentre-Advanced Techonology Demo

5. Blood pressure index


Blood pressure is an index that is difficult for modern people to control. If it is not well controlled, it will cause other health problems. Although hypotension (blood pressure below 90/60mmHg)  is not a disease, it may be caused by other diseases. High blood pressure (high blood pressure above 140/90mmHg) is not easy to detect because there is no obvious disease, so we need to regularly check the blood pressure index for early health management.



6. Height and weight indicators


Excessive weight and obesity are common problems in modern people, and obesity also doubles the risk of illness, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, etc., so it should be regularly tested to ensure that the weight is maintained at a healthy level. BMI are currently the most commonly used index in the world to measure the body shape of the tester, based on the sex, height and weight of the tester to assess whether the weight is appropriate.

7. Expiratory flow test


Modern people generally lack of exercise and long-term exposure to air pollution, which can easily affect lung function or cause asthma problems. The expiatory flow test measures the ability of the lungs to push in and out of the air based on the height, age, and gender of the tester. The value of this index is closely related to the width of the airway, and is especially suitable for people with asthma.

8. Blood oxygenation test


Modern people often feel tired or have dark circles under eyes, which may be caused by insufficient oxygen in the blood. The tester simply measures the oxygen content of the blood and the pulse rate by clamping the sensor of the oximeter to the fingertip. The blood oxygen in blood of a healthy adult should be between 95% and 99%.

9. Provide professional report interpretation and personalised solutions


Expert or HRA Center-accredited nutritionists provide report interpretation and personalized solutions.