HRA-ASIA | Professional Team
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Professional Team

The professional service of HRA Centre is carried out by our outstanding team of professionals in health and nutrition.

Candy Wong

Cooperation Manager

HRA Nutritionist

Miss Candy Wong, a Nutritionist of our HRA centre, graduated and obtained a Bachelor Degree of Food Nutrition, majoring in Nutrition and Health from Providence University, Taiwan.

Winnie Lam

HRA Nutritionist

Miss Winnie Lam, a Nutritionist of our HRA centre graduated and obtained a Bachelor Degree of Food and Nutrition Science, majoring in food science from Deakin University, Melbourne.


iHRA Nutritionist

Miss Sally Cheng , nutritionist of iHRA Centre, graduated from South China Normal University and has been engaged in nutritional training. In the field of public nutrition, thousands of students have been trained by her to receive certificates, and have been invited to talk about nutritional knowledge in the show of Zhuhai Radio.


iHRA Nutritionist

Miss Nicole Zheng, nutritionist of iHRA Centre, graduated from Guangzhou City Vocational College, studied in the Department of Food, majoring in food nutrition and health care, with the qualification of national level three nutritionist and intermediate inspection qualification certificate.