HRA-ASIA | Autologous Adipose Stem Cells Anti-aging Service
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Autologous Adipose Stem Cells Anti-aging Service

Repair and Regenration

Stem cells can be directed to repair, replace the areas of systemic damaged tissue such as aging, damage, etc.

Paracrine Effects

Stem cells can synthesize and secrete a variety of growth factors, and regulate metabolism, immunity, anti-aging and activation of endogenous regulators.

Activation of Internal Stem Cells

Stem cells release a large number of cytokines, activate adult dormant stem cells in vivo, and greatly enhance anti-aging effects

Blood Vessel Regeneration

Stem cells accelerate vascular cell growth and accelerate wound tissue repair by promoting endothelial cell proliferation

Automatic Regulation

Stem cells produce specific active factors that regulate the survival, migration and reproduction of stem cells themselves.

Immune System Effects

When cells have unique immunomodulatory properties, they can inhibit lymphocyte responses and improve immune regulation.

The Nobel Prize In Physiology

The Nobel Prize In Physiology For The Last 5 Years Has Been Presented In The Field of Cytology!


THe 19999 and 20000 edition of the world famous American Journal of Science named Stem Cells as one of the world’s “Top Ten Scientific Achievments”


Discovered the mechanism of telomere and telomerase protecting chromosome


Discovery of dendritic cells and their role in acquired immune systems


Reprogrammed the nucleus, including pluripotent stem cells(PS cells)


Discovered the role of vesiculor transport in the cell system


Discovery of brain cell-level ‘GPS’ systems to open up new ways for precision anti-aging biotechnology

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