HRA-ASIA | Strategic Partnership
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Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

ReNuStem and RE-Stem signed a strategic partnership agreement as to receive the deputize of “Autolopgous Adipose Stem Cells Anti-aging Service” and became the 10th service of the HRA Center, allowing all of our clients join us in the new era of stem cells.



Our Vision

Providing the highest quality stem cell anti-aging services to help more people achieve “prevention is better than cure”, to ensure their health and to continue the foundation of happiness.

Our Mission

Through the deputize of “autologous fat stem cell anti-aging service” from “RE-Stem Biotech”, we aim to let more customers access the support from high level anti-aging technology and worldwide top professional team, thus our clients may able to recieve thier personalized holistic solutions in the field of Personal Health Risk Management” for ourselves and our families’ health.

RE-Stem Introduction


Let Health Extend and Let the Age Rings Shine
Responsible for the Mission of Global Autologous Adipose Stem Cells Research and Be the Private Health Consultant for Chinese Families

RE-Stem Biotech Co., Ltd. is a high-end regenerative biotechnology company founded by famous medical experts from China and the United States.
It specializes in the research and development of autologous fat stem cells and related applications. Based on the cutting-edge technology of the United States,
RE-Stem has a number of invention patents in China, and has mastered many core technologies of autologous fat stem cells and regenerative medicine. It is the most well-known science and technology leading enterprise in China that integrating research and development, clinical trials and market applications

The headquarter of RE-Stem is located in the AAAAA level scenic spot of Wuzhong Economic Development Zone in Suzhou, and has established comprehensive laboratory and service center in accordance with international standards in Shenzhen, Beijing and Los Angeles to build a “three-in-one” industrial chain structure. It owns the brands as“RE-Stem Regenerative Medicine Research Center”, “RE-Stem Anti-Aging Service Center”, “RE-Stem Stem Cell Storage Library”and RCC etc. With a world-class medical team, RE-Stem uses cutting-edge biotechnology to introduce leisure health care and family-based medical treatment to Chinese society, providing international advanced medical family service platform, high-end anti-aging service and international authority for high-end people in Chinese society. Also, by the private cell storage service to create a top brand for the development and application of autologous adipose stem cells.

RE-stem Autologous Adipose Stem Cell Technology Received National Invention Patent

  • Asia’s first international authority to use adipose stem cells for anti-aging
  • China’s first professional adult cell storage library
  • Passed the national ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system certification
  • Cell production quality system in line with US FDA standards
  • Passed the American ANAB Quality Management System Certification
  • GMP-compliant stem cell laboratory
  • Passed all 38 items of stringent quality tests for the by independent third parties
  • Has three invention patents and two utility model patents

RE-Stem Suzhou Headquarters

The headquarter of Suzhou is located in the 5A-level scenic spot of Suzhou Wangshan, which has the reputation of “Natural Oxygen Bar”. The company has a cell laboratory that meets the national ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and an international professional service team to provide customers with the world top health management and anti-aging services. Come to Suzhou, or go boating on Taihu Lake, or the Shenshui Lane can let you fully relax with your mind and experience the unique journey of youthfulness.

RE-Stem Shenzhen Branch

Located in Futian District, Shenzhen, RE-Stem Shenzhen Branch has an elegant office environment and a nationally recognized secondary biosafety laboratory and cell storage library.

An area of about 300 square meters, the laboratory is equipped with well-known domestic and foreign brands of equipment , to provide customers with health services such as stem cell anti-aging, stem cell storage, and health check services etc.

RE-Stem Beijing Branch

The RE-Stem Beijing Branch is located in the Life Science Park of Changping District, Beijing. It has a large comprehensive cell laboratory and stem cell storage library . It is the company’s product development and clinical trial base. The center is in line with the international health management model, and employs domestic and foreign senior stem cell research and medical experts to provide systematic anti-aging services such as physical examination, cell testing, health assessment and health rehabilitation guidance.

RE-Stem Lijiang Anti-Aging Center

Located in the famous Jinmao Valley Town of Lijiang City, RE-StemLijiang Anti-Aging Center is Asia’s top high-end stem cell anti-aging organization, providing private, professional, systematic and long-lasting quality health management and anti-aging services, to high-level social elites, who have unique taste and health concept.

The anti-aging center is located in Yulong Mountain in the north. It has the arms of Dayan and Shuhe Ancient City. The environment is elegant, simple, quiet and comfortable. The surrounding scenery is pleasant, creating a high-quality and private leisure and medical environment for customers, so that customers can enjoy thier youth and health. At the same time, experience the local culture and atmosphere and enjoy the fabulous scenery of nature.