HRA-ASIA | Specialists’ Talk
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Specialists’ Talk

Prof. W.T. WU

RE-Stem Chief Technology Officer Professor

University of Hong Kong Medical School Deputy Director

State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognition, The University of Hong Kong Vice President

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Central Regeneration Research Institute, Jinan University

Internationally renowned scholar in the field of nerve injury research

He received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the Eastern Virginia Medical School in 1991. He has worked as an assistant professor and associate professor at the Department of Anatomy of the University of Hong Kong in 1996. He has been a lifelong professor since 2007. Professor Wu Takeda has been committed to the basic and applied research of nerve injury and regeneration mechanisms, focusing on the damage and regeneration of spinal cord and motor neurons. He has undertaken more than 30 research funds in the United States, Hong Kong and the mainland. As the sub-project leader, he has undertaken three 973 projects. Professor Wu has published more than 150 papers in internationally renowned journals such as Nature Medicine, Nature Methods, PNAS, Development, Exp Neurol, Brain Res, and Nanomedicine, and has been widely quoted.


RE-STEM Chief Medical Officer

Medical PhD

Master of Economics

Re-Stem Deputy Chief Engineer, Los Angeles R&D Center

China Association of Non-Public Medical Institutions

Secretary-General, Biotechnology and Cell Application Committee

Deputy Secretary-General of China Health Service Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

He has been engaged in medical clinical research for more than 20 years, and has several patents in the field of stem cells.

Jyothi Devakumar, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer of RE-Stem

Doctor of Biotechnology

Nygard Biotech’s Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer

Evolvis Chief Consultant

With more than 10 years of stem cell academic research and development experience


Vice President of Technology and Chief Scientific Officer of the famous biotechnology company Nygard, a company focused on the use of stem cells for anti-aging solutions research.

She has more than 10 years of research experience in stem cell academic research and stem cell commercial application research, and has worked in many international organizations. Her main research topic is the study of stem cell related technologies and application licenses. She has international stem cell management expertise and has centuries of work experience and clinical trials in cGMP and GCP. She is one of the top scientists in the international stem cell field.

She received her Ph.D. in biotechnology. Subsequently, she conducted a postdoctoral research project in France. She has held leadership positions in the pharmaceutical fields of some biopharmaceutical companies in Europe and the United States (including clinical trials, new drug development, etc.) for several years. Then study stem cell applications, manage stem cell banks, and serve as consultants in places like Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States. She is also working on the CellR4 editorial board and the Hua-da Gene Health Science Advisory Committee.