HRA-ASIA | Health Risk Assessment Centre, we provide our customers with a holistic solution to any health challenges should they arise.
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About Company

  • CHRA Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment
  • RES Rejuvenative Energy Support
  • BCA Precision Body Composition Assessment
  • CRA Cardiovascular Risk Assessment


Our Mission Statement

By getting to the root cause of health problems we provide our customers with a holistic solution to any health challenges should they arise.

Our Call Center

(852) 3462 6633

CHRA Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment

The Comprehensive Health Risk Analyzer scans through the human body organs and cells with the use of trigger sensors to transmit signals between the brain and the body. It can be used to detect the client’s current health condition, previous health problems and potential future health risks. The CHRA is a non-traumatic and non-invasive assessment. With the use of Bio-Resonance, we can perform in-depth analysis of the nine biological systems within your body.


RES Rejuvenative Energy Support

Rejuvenative Energy Support works in support of the Comprehensive Health Risk Analyzer. It delivers a positive frequency which neutralizes negative energy in cells. This helps to adjust the condition of cell abnormality and balances the current health condition. This technology is a simple and effective way to activate cells improving the self-recovery ability of the human body.

BCA Precision Body Composition Assessment

BCA-Precision Body Composition Assessment analyzes the body’s composition and degree of fatness, visceral fat distribution, waist-hip ratio, body mass index, edema index, the weight of skeletal muscular and basal metabolism. This fast and simple concise analysis can tell you precisely the current conditions of your body.


CRA Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

CRA-Cardiovascular Risk Assessment utilizes the pulse signal gathered from the fingertip to detect aging vascular health symptoms and abnormal heartbeat. In addition, it can be used to evaluate the balance of the automatic nervous system, stress index and so on. Customers can better understand their risk of diseases of the central nervous system.

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