Professional Team

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Professor Jiao Shoushu
Scientific Committee Chairman of RE-Stem
National Stem Cell Scientist
Benno Jiao
Founder and Chairman of RE-Stem Biotech
Dr. Wu Wutian
First Chief Technology Officer of RE-Stem Biotech
Elected as one of the top 100 Global Neuroscientists in 2023
Steven Alan Schweller
Chief Consultant of RE-Stem
Professor Li Rong
Member of RE-Stem Committee
Professor Zhu Hui
Director of RE-Stem’s Spinal Cord Injury Project
Doctor Wang Tie, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Director of RE-Stem
Dr. Zhou Ling
Member of the Third Expert Committee of HVP China
Cell Therapy and Applications Expert at RE-Stem
Professor Xu Qunyuan
Medical Advisor of RE-Stem
Professor Chen Mingzhe
Medical Technology Advisor of RE-Stem
Mr. He Liumin
Materials Project Manager of RE-Stem
Jyothi Devakumar Ph.D
Chief Scientific Director of RE-Stem