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Ms. Harina Cheung
CEO of HRA Center

The HRA Health Risk Assessment Center was established by NU LIFE Group in 2014, providing guests with one-stop testing services and comprehensive solutions through the PHRM (Personal Health Risk Management) philosophy.

Our professional team, comprising expert doctors, certified nutritionists, and utilizing high-end evaluation instruments, conducts comprehensive health risk assessments for our guests. Following the assessment report, we provide a holistic solution tailored to the guest’s needs. All testing services at our center are non-invasive, non-intrusive, free of radiation hazards, and without side effects, ensuring guests can use them with peace of mind.

We have served over ten thousand satisfied customers, who have utilized our highly recognized “HRA 101 Service” to uncover their innate physical traits and the root of acquired health issues, and regained health through comprehensive solutions!

Collaborating Partners of HRA Center

In 2017, ReNuStem partnered with RE-Stem Biotech to provide the safest, most effective, and fastest cellular health management services, including autologous adipose-derived stem cells and NK immune cells.

RE-Stem boasts a strong professional team that includes national stem cell scientist Professor Jiao Shoushu, American biomedical technology expert Dr. Jiao Yang, and one of the top 100 global neuroscientists, Professor Wu Wutian. It is a leading biotechnology enterprise in China that integrates scientific research, clinical trials, and market applications, with over 30 patented qualifications and complete intellectual property rights in the field of cellular medical technology. We guide our clients into the realm of regenerative medicine, enabling them to regain youth, health, and vitality through autologous adipose-derived stem cells!

NK immune cells are our best prevention against cancer!